[dgplug-users] Announcing PyCon Pune 2017 & Call for Volunteers

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Thu Oct 20 20:50:08 PDT 2016

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> Hi all,
> While all of us are waiting for next year's PyCon India, a group of Python
> community members decided to meet at the beginning of the year  :)
> It quickly became apparent this should also be open to the community.
> Therefore, another 4 days of PyCon will be held in Pune during
> February, 16-19th, 2017 so the Indian Python Community and friends can meet
> again during spring. :)
> There will be 2 days of talks, and 2 days of devsprints. While the details
> are still being finalized, the call for
> volunteers is open. PyCon is a community conference and run by volunteers.
> If you think you will
> able to help out in some ways, feel free to submit your contact details in
> the following form [1]. The
> organizing team is being formed from volunteers as well and will make sure
> everyone is contacted back.
> There will be opportunities to join in as on-site volunteers, but this mail
> is going out early to give everyone
> a chance to make a successful PyCon for the community.
> Links:
> [1]. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevs3A8upqpW6
> mhk6eJhGNCrj1NIxrWxSaX80BeraEkGgtXxA/viewform
> Thanks,
> Chandan Kumar
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