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Jason Braganza jason at janusworx.com
Mon Aug 7 00:40:50 PDT 2017

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Kushal Das wrote:

> https://vimeo.com/71278954
> After you watched the talk, please share your views in the this
> thread.

This in a way, is really where I’m at, so I’m heavily in favour of the
talk and what it proposes.

I’m new, so everything is a possibility!
I could do this, I could do that.
And I’ve been questioning why we

But there is also something to be said for slow iteration.
I’m new to programming, but not new to computers.

I started with a single user cli, and then used multi user clis and
single and multi user guis and waited with bated breath for VR to take
off in the early 90s and I’m waiting for my iPhone to recognise my
mumbly accented English any day now.

AR is the new hotness! AI apparently will kill us all :)

Moreso than most others, I know how NT came about, I was one of the last
users of VMS (not quite, but it makes for a good story).
I might be the only one in the student group who got the Erlang reference :)

And the reason why we’re probably still stuck with paradigms of the past
are probably because,

1. Slow increments have been good enough
2. New innovations haven’t been worth the risk
3. Maybe, just maybe, getting these ideas to fruition is hard (or hard
at scale!)
and finally …
4. People and their biases and their deeply held beliefs  :)

But, like Bret proposes, we ought not to forget these ideas.
And more importantly (as I see it at least), we need to be generating
more of these.

We should treat them like art.
And Gaiman says, we should always “Make Good Art!”[1][2][3]

(But where? We need patrons!
Where is the modern day Arpa? Xerox? Bell? Ericcson?
Our homegrown institutions (TIFR, BARC) are shells of their former selves.

Instead we have a behemoth that prides itself on saying No![4]
Despite, paradoxically, its own internal design lab having the freedom
to do what it will)

The message, I take away from this talk is that while Art does not make
the wheels of daily life spin, it is *critically* important to survival.

And yet, pie in the sky ideas are not the end all / be all either.
The wheel has been with us for 6000 years.
It still serves us admirably well :)

There is room for both.

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