[dgplug-users] Fedora needs a volunteer

P J P pj.pandit at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jul 25 21:20:55 PDT 2017

Hello, good morning!

Recently Fedora infrastructure moved from trac wiki based
issue tracking system to a git(1) based 

    -> https://pagure.io

This required each group/team to move their data from old system
to pagure.io.One such group is which runs the FreeMedia program.
FreeMedia program ships Fedora DVDs to users who requestfor them.

Currently this systems is shutdown, because its transition to the new
Pagure infrastructure is not complete. And that is where we need your

We need a volunteer who could help in this transition work. This would

  - Updating/fixing the web form to collect user requests for Fedora DVDs.
  - Store that data into a new database.
  - Migrate old data to a new database.
  - Generate various reports and metrics. 

A full list of issues can be found here

  -> https://pagure.io/Free-Media/Housekeeping/issues

This is a great opportunity to use your Python/Web programming skills
to solve a real problem, contribute to Fedora project and learn new
lessons in working with the community. 

You'd work with Ankur Sinha(CC'd) and Corey Sheldon(CC'd),
who would provide all the guidance and mentoring to get you started.

Please let us know if you are interested. Thank you.

---  -P J P

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