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Robin Schubert editors at dgplug.org
Wed Feb 28 02:12:05 PST 2018

Hi everyone!
As you may have noticed in the #dgplug channel, we are working on a 
dgplug newsletter that mainly reports about the recent activity of 
dgplug members. You can find the first issue with more information 
below. You can also find the rendered html at 

Best regards,
your editors team

# \#dgplug Newsletter - FEB 2018

![dgplug logo][img:logo]

## Information aggregation from and around dgplug

*Here it is*, the first issue of the \#dgplug newsletter.

### What is dgplug?

dgplug is an acronym for the [Linux Users' Group of 
Durgapur][link:dgplug]. The group is however not meant to be exclusively 
for people living in Durgapur. Instead it is an open community that 
welcomes everyone that shares our interests in free and open source 
software, education and community.

If you don't know dgplug, you can find more detailed information about 
dgplug while reading the blogs on the [planet][link:planet] or the 
[students' planet][link:students_planet]. For regular updates, make sure 
to subscribe to the mailing list and/or visit us in the IRC channel 
**\#dgplug** on the [freenode][link:freenode] network.

### What is this letter?

A lot is going on at dgplug and in the FOSS world. This newsletter is 
meant to aggregate the interesting activities and events that are 
happening for the interested (but busy) reader. This is not only 
exciting for dgplug members - it's quite possible that you recognize 
some names when reading the contributors list of your next Firefox 
plugin, JavaScript package or Python update.

This newsletter will summarize the past two weeks, briefly informing you 
about the latest dgplug blog posts, git commits, IRC channel activities 
and random (but interesting) FOSS and tech news. You can expect to get a 
lot of interesting information all in one place. And not only that, if 
you feel we missed some really interesting link, you can share with us 
and we will try to include it in our next newsletter.

## Recent activities of \#dgplug members

- [Shakti Kannan - Travel - Udupi, 
Photo series of Shakti Kannan's travel to Udupi in Karnataka.
- [Anwesha Das - The danger of modern medical devices : Keynote by Karen 
Sandler at LCA 
2018](http://anweshadas.in/the-danger-of-modern-medical-devices/): A 
summary of two remarkable talks from Karen Sandler, talking about the 
urgent need to have medical devices run by open source software. As an 
affected, Karen Sandler has terrifying stories to tell.
- [Ashwani Gupta - How to use Flask-SQLAlchemy with Hasura PostgreSQL 
Learn how to deploy your Flask apps as microservices using Hasura and 
PostgreSQL with SQLAlchemy.
- [PradhvanBisht - I am alive 
Pradhvan's blogging comeback after some quiet weeks, giving a status 
update on his current projects.
- [Vipul Gupta - Django Party 
Vipul Gupta sharing his experience attending the Django Party that has 
taken place at the IIT Delhi on 3rd of February 2018.
- [Abstract Learner - Multi-tasking is a 
Starting with Scott Hanselman's *Scale Yourself*, Abstract Learner 
follows up on the question whether something like multi-tasking is 
possible at all.
- [Abstract Learner - Master the 
Abstract Learner participated the *IBM Master the Mainframe*, a 
multiple-step hacking competition, sharing his experiences.
- [Vivek Anand - Moving my blog from wordpress to 
Vivek moved his blog. Why and how? Definitely worth a blog post.

## Further readings

A major part of our lives is all about open source software. Here's a 
lesson in history about how this term came into existence in the first 
Nostalgic go-programmers, you are not alone. Here's a very comprehensive 
blog about building the legendary arcade video game space invaders in 
Arguably the most ridiculous laws originate from DRMs. Here's a catalog 
of things that should exist but don't due to copyright laws.
Oftentimes, tech people find themselves in a leader role, being 
responsible for a couple of people or even multiple teams. Not everyone 
is prepared for this task. Here's an invaluable post full of experience 
on leadership from the techie point of view.

## Did we miss something?

Since this project is just about to start, we may have overseen content 
that you would like to have included. We will work on constantly 
improving this letter and review external sources. If you think there is 
something we've been missing, feel free to add your ideas for the [next 

[img:logo]: https://dgplug.org/assets/img/main-dgp.png
[link:dgplug]: https://dgplug.org
[link:planet]: http://planet.dgplug.org
[link:students_planet]: http://students.planet.dgplug.org
[link:freenode]: https://freenode.net
[link:next_issue]: https://github.com/dgplug/newsletter/issues/5

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