[dgplug-users] [SUMMERTRAINING] It will begin today at 7pm IST

Robin Schubert robin.schubert at gmx.de
Mon Jun 18 23:51:28 PDT 2018

On 19.06.2018 08:31, pooja sulakhe wrote:
> Hello
> Could you please tell me the date and course for the training.

Hi Pooja,
The training sessions take place in the IRC channel #dgplug on the
freenode.net servers. Check the faq [1] to learn how to get there.
Usually, sessions begin at 19:00 IST but it may vary. Check the public
calendar [2] to see upcoming events. Also make sure to read the logs [3]
and what has been taught so far [4], to learn about bottom posting.

Looking forward to see you on #dgplug !
Best regards,

[1]: https://summertraining.readthedocs.io/en/latest/faq.html
[3]: https://dgplug.org/irclogs/2018/
[4]: https://dgplug.org/irclogs/mbuf_1stclass.log

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