[dgplug-users] #SaveOurPrivacy

Kushal Das kushaldas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 04:33:16 PDT 2018

>From the website:

>Why #SaveOurPrivacy?

>#SaveOurPrivacy is a public initiative to put forth a model draft law called the Indian Privacy ?
>Code, 2018. This draft hopes to build awareness, knowledge and discussion on specific and
>nuanced issues of privacy, data protection, interception and surveillance. You can comment on it
>online or download the PDF copy and send your comments by email to
>contact at saveourprivacy.in.

Please visit the site [0], read the 7 principles[1] and also the bill
[2]. Then share it across
your friends and on social media and also pledge your support on the website.

[0] https://saveourprivacy.in/
[1] https://saveourprivacy.in/principles
[2] https://saveourprivacy.in/bill

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