[dgplug-users] Sustaining in Open Source via Gitcoin Requests

Saptak Sengupta saptak013 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 03:46:04 PDT 2018

Looking for help on a particular Github issue on
an open-source repo? Whether a 'good-first-issue'
for external contributors or a bug you want more
 eyes on... let us know via Gitcoin Requests [1]!

We, at Gitcoin [2], will bounty the issue, which
will get a developer starting work on it in 10 hours
(on average) and completing it in 14 days (on average).
We think it's a good recruiting tool + a way to move
faster as a dev team.

Let me know if you have questions / feedback!
We'll bounty the best suggestions by EOW

[1] https://gitcoin.co/requests/
[3] https://medium.com/gitcoin/gitcoin-requests-baf522d4645d

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