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mayank gupta g.mayank82 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 28 15:45:29 PDT 2019

On Sunday, 28 July, 2019, 12:17:51 am IST, Kushal Das via Users <users at lists.dgplug.org> wrote: 
>Hi all,
>I want to encourage all of you to watch the documentary "The Great
>Hack" (available on Netflix),
>and then think about the effects of technology in our lives.
>Most of us here either work for a technology place or studying and
>preparing to work for one
>in the future. What we do in those jobs, not only defines our personal lives but
>also the society we live in and the democracy we are proud of.
"Dream of a connected world has torn us down". 
Glad how we provided all these data to them and It's impressive 
how they have found out the worst way of using all this.
Giving so much power to someone feels dangerous. But then what can we do now?

We have to connect in order to function properly!

Thank you, Kushal. Would love more such suggestions every weekend/
>Please watch the documentary and share your views over here or in a blog post.


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