[dgplug-users] There is no lack of interest, rather there is no interest

Sayan Chowdhury sayan.chowdhury2012 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 10:02:45 PDT 2019

Hi all,

As you might have noticed that there have been no classes scheduled in
the last few days and except for few, no one raised a question about
what happened to the classes either on the list or on IRC.

We, mentors, are disappointed with the level of interest this year's
summer training students have shown. Firstly, most of them don't
attend the class and rely mostly on logs. Secondly, and the most
important part is the completion of the home task. 90% of students
don't complete the home task and in return have excuses ready.

Going forward, here are a few things I would be doing:
- I won't be updating the calendar with the class schedule.
- No logs.
- Stringent checks of the home tasks.

And from the students' side, the behaviour needed is:
- Regular update about the work.
- If you are missing classes, a mail should be sent to the list
mentioning the reason you missed well in advance.

I would be taking another 3 classes and If I don't see any
improvement, I will have to cancel this year's summer training.

Next class will be on 1st August 11 PM IST and before that, I would
need an email from the students with the updates of the home tasks in
last 15 days (again, remember there will be stringent checks on the
attentiveness to detail).

Sayan Chowdhury <https://yudocaa.in/>
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