[dgplug-users] Manav writes posts!

MANAV GARG garg.manav8 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 00:36:17 PDT 2019

> > > sigma eats 8 pies, er sigmapie8 averages 2 posts a month.
> >
> > > which is a better rhythm i have seen than most folks here.
> >
> > > his latest one is about captchas and how useless they are
> >
> > > https://www.manavgarg.in/posts/a-curious-case-of-captcha-on-epf/
> > <https://www.manavgarg.in/posts/a-curious-case-of-captcha-on-epf/>
> >
> This is a really great post. I never knew we could do something like this(I
> mean exploit the captcha code so easily using few python scripts). Damn!
> Apart from that, I have seen you other posts as well. They are fantastic. I
> really liked the way you write.
> I guess, it's time for getting some tips from you.

Thanks Jason, Maxking, Prashant!
Your compliments made my day :)

I'll try to keep the rythm and refine my writing even more.

@Prashant - You can ask me anything related to writing posts. Although I
don't know how much I'll be able to help but I'll try.

Manav (Sigmapie8)

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