[dgplug-users] dgplug sessions in the calendar

Robin Schubert robin.schubert at gmx.de
Wed Jun 26 23:41:27 PDT 2019

Hi everyone attending this year's summertraining,
Some have been confused about finding no events in the dgplug calendar.
Please do not rely on the calendar alone to be informed about sessions.
At this stage, sessions take place almost every weekday, usually at
19:00 IST. Check the IRC channel and ask mentors or other students if
you're not sure. Check the logs if you think you may have missed
something, to be prepared for next session.

Best practice: stay online on IRC if you can, participate in
conversations and in the learning and teaching process that is always
going on also when no sessions are conducted.

Best regards,
Robin (schubisu)

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