[dgplug-users] It’s raining posts!

Kuntal Majumder hellozee at disroot.org
Mon May 27 08:40:10 PDT 2019

On ২৭/৫/১৯ ৩:২২ PM, Jason Braganza wrote:
> Kuntal writes about stuff that me as a newbie does not get, yet.
> (something about use boost, not horlicks)
> http://hellozee.me/posts/boost_astar/
> this was an impressive feat of writing hellozee
> hope to see it turn into something like this -
> https://inessential.com/vespersyncdiary

Yes, I have to do it more often now, cause it seems to me that,
understanding the documentation becomes easy when you log your thought
process into a blog. That way you can backtrack and start from a
checkpoint instead of starting it all over. And also it becomes easier
for someone to correct me if I am going wrong.

Kuntal M

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