[dgplug-users] dgplug assignment

bhaveshsgupta at disroot.org bhaveshsgupta at disroot.org
Fri Sep 6 08:51:17 PDT 2019

Hello Folks,

I'm working on creating a git clone with the help of this tutorial[0] as a part of my dgplug assignment by Sayan. While working on this I have learned several parts of Python programing and many new things in git too. I have completed tutorial up till git init.

I found this tutorial a bit difficult to follow. In tutorial they introduce several pieces of code and later use them. Instead I usually prefer the approach where you write code see out and update as per need. This could be because I don't have much experience in python. I tried to follow similar approach and have written couple of blog post for same which could be found here[1]. Currently I am trying to read source of git to understand it better.

[0] https://wyag.thb.lt
[1] https://bhaveshsgupta.me/tags/wag

Bhavesh Gupta

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