[dgplug-users] sSMTP requires a patch

P J P pj.pandit at yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 5 21:53:22 PST 2014


> On Wednesday, 5 November 2014 10:39 PM, P J P wrote:
> Both of you've shown interest in working on this bug. Maybe you could flip a 
> coin between you two and let me know who gets sSMTP bug. Be assured, I'll 
> give another such task to the other one of you. :)

  Since you did not flip a coin, I'm inclined to go with the FIFO basis. And considering the order in which I received your emails, as seen in the email headers
  From vikneshwar vicky Wed Nov 5 13:46:35 2014
  From Nikhil Ramesh    Wed Nov  5 13:57:59 2014
@Vikneshwar - could you please start with the sSMTP bug?

@Nikhil - let me know what do you think of

  this one -> https://pjps.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/of-chroot-time-zone-and-glibc/



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