[dgplug-users] Watch "The Great Hack" documentary

Ashwin mail at cruisemaniac.com
Sat Jul 27 22:11:25 PDT 2019

On 7/28/19 12:17 AM, Kushal Das via Users wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to encourage all of you to watch the documentary "The Great
> Hack" (available on Netflix),
> and then think about the effects of technology in our lives.
> Most of us here either work for a technology place or studying and
> preparing to work for one
> in future. What we do in those jobs, not only defines our personal lives, but
> also the society we live in and the democracy we are proud of.
This is one of the biggest takeaways of the documentary - Not what the 
corporations can do for you, but what you can do for yourself and how 
they can manipulate your thought process.

I'd love to discuss with you folks on your views and takeaways after 
watching this.

> Please watch the documentary and share your views over here or in a blog post.
> Kushal


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