[dgplug-users] [SUMMERTRAINING] Next steps for 2019 batch

Ananya Maiti ananyoevo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 10:33:21 PDT 2019

Hey all,

> # Step 5: Answer the following 3 questions as inline reply
> 1. What is your expectation from the training?
My expectation is to make some more new friends from dgplug and join from
where I left off last year. Also to improve my blogging/writing skills.
Even if we attend the training every year. There is something new to learn
each time, in the guest sessions especially.

> 2. What do you want to achieve at the end of the training?

I feel I have been procrastinating again and contributing less to open
source projects. At the end of the training I aim to develop the habit of
getting online and write more code for upstream projects.

> 3. Do you have any prior FOSS experience?
> Yes. I have contributed to few open source projects in the past.

> 4. [OPTIONAL] Your location
> I recently relocated to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Hope to catch up soon
with dgplug folks in Bangalore :)


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